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DPMS G2 AP4 Carbine in .308WIN start at Champion Firearms- Designed 2 Dominate. DPMS (Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services) was founded in 1985 and began in St. Cloud, Minnesota as a small government contract consulting company. The company served as a precision machine shop manufacturing M-16, M-14 and M-203 parts for Army contractors, as well as AR-15 Mil-Spec parts for the commercial market.

Today, the company is part of the Freedom Group and has been moved to Remington’s new state of the art facility located in Huntsville, Alabama. According to the BATF, DPMS G2 AP4 currently ranks as the second largest manufacturer of AR-15/AR-10 rifles in the country.


At the heart of the design is a direct gas impingement system. Gas is tapped from the barrel as the bullet passes by the port located above the rifle’s front sight base. The gas then rushes into the port and down a gas tube located above the barrel and into the upper receiver.

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From there, the gas tube funnels into the bolt carrier. This gas system unlocks the bolt and begins the cycling process, but only after the bullet has exited the barrel. Direct impingement has several advantages over gas piston systems. For semi- automatic rifles with a barrel length of DPMS G2 AP4″ or greater, impingement AR-10s are lighter, easier to free float the barrel, and much less expensive to manufacture.

The DPMS G2 AP4 rifle represents a revolutionary new design in the AR-10 world. An improved extractor prevents breakages in this big bore platform. For reliable and consistent function to allow the cartridge case to fully exit the firearm, the ejection port has been lengthened.

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Another new innovation is the dual ejector system. This lightens the overall load on the ejector springs and makes it much easier for a cartridge to exit the rifle. To reduce the overall weight of the DPMS G2 AP4, the engineers at DPMS scaled down the bolt carrier to the standard diameter of an AR-15, which in turn allowed the company to shorten of the upper and lower, then successfully reduce the size of the barrel profile and barrel extension.

The DPMS AP4 Carbine is equipped with a commercial “DPMS G2 AP4” 6- position collapsible stock allows the shooter to adjust length of pull to their personal preference, while the carbine length “Glacier Guard” front handguard provides steady handling. It has a positive aluminum magazine catch for easy ejection of magazines.

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Beginning at the magazine well and extending all the way back, the rifle has been reduced to the smaller M4 specifications– making the grip, buffer tube, trigger and stock all compatible with a standard AR-15 platform. The beveled magazine well provides a comfortable grip for those who prefer to grip this area for faster magazine changes.

This ergonomic design makes the charging handle, safety selector, magazine release and bolt catch easy to access. The service grade trigger is both positive and breaks cleanly at around 7- pounds.

The lightweight contour 16.1″ 4150 chrome lined barrel includes a flash hider that also does double duty as a cancellation brake. The new lightweight forged monolithic bolt carrier utilizes an internal gas key tower and removable gas key extension. While it may sound counter intuitive, recoil has been greatly reduced through the lighter mass of the carrier.


An all new bolt geometry provides superior lockup and strength. As such, it allows a smaller diameter barrel extension to be employed, in turn allowing a smaller upper receiver to be used– reducing overall material and weight without compromising strength or reliability.

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The DPMS G2 AP4 is chambered for .308WIN cartridges , which allows you to safely fire both full power .308’s or lower powered 7.62X51NATO rounds interchangeably without adjustment to the gas system. It has transitioning steel feed ramps that DPMS boasts makes this rifle the most reliable AR10 on the market.

Both upper and lower receivers are forged from durable, lightweight aircraft grade forged 7075-T6 Mil-Spec aluminum. The receivers are lighter and smaller. All surfaces have been rounded and de-sharpened for smooth loading and operation.

The receiver surfaces are then Level III hard coat anodized and Teflon coated to provide superior wear and corrosion resistance. The rifle weighs in at just 7.25 pounds empty and is a fast handling carbine. It includes a 20- round magazine that is standard Stoner pattern and readily accepts Magpul Pmags. All steel parts wear a mil- spec manganese phosphate finish, including the barrel. Build quality is excellent and there is virtually no play between the upper and lower receiver.


For iron sights, the rifle wears a rear flip-up Magpul DPMS G2 AP4 with a standard “F” height front A2 post, The Picatinny flat top receiver also has attachment points for optics. In the rare event a round fails to go into battery, the rifle is equipped with a forward assist. Similarly, a spring loaded receiver dust cover is designed to keep out dirt and other debris from entering the action, but instantly opens after the first shot.

DPMS G2 AP4 Carbine

For service or repair, the rifle is backed by a manufacturer’s 3- year warranty. Overall, the DPMS G2 AP4 Carbine is an ultra affordable, well built, accurate, extremely reliable and versatile AR-10 rifle designed for many years of reliable service.


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The DPMS G2 AP4 Carbine

in .308WIN is a true force to be reckoned with, exemplifying the highest standards of excellence in design and functionality. Built on the innovative DPMS GII platform, this rifle offers enhanced performance and unmatched accuracy. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a novice looking for an exceptional firearm, the DPMS G2 AP4 Carbine will not disappoint.

One of the standout features of this rifle is its lightweight and compact design. Weighing just over seven pounds, it is incredibly easy to handle and maneuver without sacrificing any firepower. With its 16-inch barrel and collapsible stock, it remains highly agile in any shooting scenario. Additionally, its durable construction ensures long-lasting reliability even under demanding conditions.

Another notable aspect of the DPMS G2 AP4 Carbine is its unparalleled precision. Thanks to its exceptional barrel harmonics and consistent lock-up mechanism, this rifle delivers exceptional accuracy every time you pull the trigger. The .308WIN caliber also adds significant stopping power, making it ideal for hunting or home defense purposes.

In conclusion, the DPMS G2 AP4

AP4 Carbine in .308WIN surpasses expectations with its superior design and unrivaled performance. From its lightweight build to its impressive accuracy capabilities, this rifle is a true gem in any shooter’s arsenal. Invest in this powerhouse firearm from Champion Firearms today to experience robustness and reliability like never before


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